Celebrating 50 Years

celebrating 50 years: a message from our president

In college, I studied Architecture and obtained a degree in the field. If you would have asked me then if I wanted to become a builder, I’m fairly certain I would have said no. Reflecting back on those years it was my work for a local home builder that contained the spark that would become Kasten Builders. I love working with my hands, with my friends, and getting to be creative in both the design and the build process.

I love construction. Each project brings its own challenges and opportunities to learn, grow, and create. I remain inspired and passionate to this day.

It’s not often a General Contractor stays in business for 50 years. I have been complemented by so many professional and passionate people along the way. These collaborations and relationships are what make my work and life so fulfilling. To all of you, I thank you.

I look forward to continuing this amazing journey. Let’s enjoy the ride together!

All my best,

kasten builders: the early days