Off the Grid


Situated deep in the heart of Sonoma Valley, this spacious vacation home caters to its owners during the summer and winter months. Designed as an informal vacation house for a family with two children, the plan consists of two parallel wings which are slightly offset to create a linear entry court. The home is fully self-sufficient, off the grid, powered by a solar system with a generator and propane gas for backup, a water well with a storage tank, and radiant heating.

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Healdsburg, Sonoma

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New Construction

Our architect referred us to Kasten Builders as he felt they would excel at constructing this new home with its considerable complexity. He was right; Kasten Builders was a great fit for the project. The detailed craftsmanship and great care bestowed by Kasten’s team in the construction of our home has created a great result. We recommend Kasten Builders to anyone interested in building a new home.

Chris Panos
Homeowner, Healdsburg Home